Full Payment Required at Time Purchase.

               Must Contact Silver Bullet Motorsports prior to initiating a return:
  1. 30 Days From the date of purchase.
  2. Requirements for Use: Users have to operate vehicles strictly according to Users Manual.
Items not eligible for Return:
  1. All the parts on vehicles which have been used for racing.
  2. Vehicles whose service life has exceeded limited time for warranty.
  3. Parts damaged through the operation and or poor maintenance of users; abnormal wears and damages caused by poor quality oil and gas.
  4. Parts damaged due to disassembly and movement carried out by persons who are in charge of maintaining but not approved service personnel
  5. Problems and damages caused by negligence and or chemical corrosion
  6. Damages caused by retrofitting or adding or getting rid of accessories.
  7. Options such as stereos, winches, forced induction
  8. Randoms such as noise, vibration and heating which may just felt but has no effect to mechanical performance
  9.  Parts such as clutch discs, clutch pressure plate, brake pads, air filters, fuel filters, friction linings, tires, seals, bushings and spark plugs which are naturally worn