Commando rear differential quality part.Up graded in the USA


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This is SilverBulletMotorsports Upgraded Rear Differential for your Commando. You can see in the pictures that 1 of Joyner's "upgraded" differentials after 9 months of use shredded the teeth on the ring gear.When we get the new differential from the manufacturer we disassemble it.Check the clearances between the ring gear and pinion shaft, the pinion shaft's placement in the case, and how much each part "shifts" when put under a load. We noticed that there is a lot of free play between the pinion shaft and the ring gear as well as the pinion shaft and the case. We then apply the appropriate shims needed to "lock" all of the parts in place.We than use 12.9 bolts with nuts to hold the ring gear in place.1 year warranty.Shipping is 48.00 lower 48 states.

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