T2-T4 Wheel Bearing Kit. Should replace the outer&inner seals German!


 After months of searching, we have found a wheel Bearing that is  BEST wheel bearing for your Trooper that you can get its made in Germany.The factory wheel bearing for the Trooper is not designed to handle high axial loads (the in and out movement that occurs when the suspension cycles) which is one of the reasons that they fail prematurely. What we are offering are sealed four-row tapered roller bearings. If the seal is bought at the same time they will be 9.90 ea.These bearing can be serviced every year.And many miles.Mud runners need to service more often.

They are case hardened and have a helical groove in the bore for a higher load capacity and longer service life.
The new cage design allows the cage and roller assemblies to be removed from the inner rings and reinstalled. With this design, it is possible to inspect the inner rings and refurbish if need be. The seals have been redesigned as well to make maintenance easier. They are snapped into the retaining grooves for easy installation and removal.

We recommend replacing the inner and outer wheel bearing seals You can contact us:

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