Renli Fuel Controler 1100cc.


I am not a timing/fuel mixture/air ratio guru, but it seems the extra torque developed at low end by this controller is due to the extra gas being pumped in the cylinder. Take that away and you lose the torque gained from using this fuel controller. It is a fair tradeoff to me.I can't quantify the difference this controller makes, but I didn't notice much of a difference in acceleration. It was all low end. In Moab, the first day out my left foot instinctively kept reaching for the clutch when I would come up to an obstacle. In the past I had two options: get some momentum and overtake the obstacle, or slowly hit it and manipulate the clutch and gas to get over it. By the middle of the first day in Moab with the fuel controller, I started to get accustomed to it. I found I could hit an obstacle slowly, then just use all gas pedal to get over it. It was very similar to an automatic.I was really worried that I had purchased to big & heavy of a tire (30" 540 Dominators) and that I might regret the power & torque loss. When the tires arrived at my door, they were way heavier than I anticipated. After the Moab trip, well,I will never go to anything smaller--they were awesome! Made my buddy's RZR S look like a remote control car. :lol: I attribute this all to the fuel controller.

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