800CC Fuel Controller.Newest version. 7 to 8 H/P to the rear wheels


The motor in your vehicle was "de-tuned" by the factory in order to meet CA smog standards. In this process your vehicle lost tremendous H.P. and Torque by installing this module you will pick up that lost power and will be able to further adjust for fuel needs of better intakes,better exhaust, or cam shaft install.Takes 20 minutes to install.Would recommend a fuel ratio gauge to get max power.Set up by factory for best all around power.This gives you more torque.We carry many new performance parts for the 800cc motors.

Allows you to adjust Fuel delivery throughout the rpm range individually (comes calibrated for a stock motor)

bolt on 6-8 hp to the WHEELS!

Helps bottom end lack of power felt with bigger tires or hill climbing.

not one complaint about these units they do what they're advertised to do and for the price you cant beat it!

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