Custom Cam Shafts With Coating Lobes And Low End Toqure


Custom Camshaft for more top end power. Regrind camshaft and coated with a anti-friction coating. Easy to install. This is for a naturally aspirated engine, forced induction coming soon for more power will need to re jet carburetor for the forced induction.Is easy to install you need to adjust the valve lash.Just need hand tools to install.The valve adjustment is done with screw driver and a 10 mm wrench.If you need to rebuild your 650 motor just let us know we have secretes to get more power with out sacrificing reliability.We stock all new parts for the 650cc motor for rebuilding.Includes special lube for cam shaft installation.With Pistons and cam and some head work and cam shaft gives you a lot more torque and top end.

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