1100CC Kevlar Clutch Kit Super Heavy Duty.Rock Climbing and Mudding


Brand New HEAVY DUTY   KEVLAR Clutch Replacement with throw out bearing. This clutch upgrade has 33% MORE clamping force and is originally manufactured in Japan. We receive it here in the US and we then have the fulcrum point for the fingers of the pressure plate modified to our specifications to increase the clamping force while only slightly increasing pedal effort.  All that means is; In the Rocks, In the Mud, While Towing, With Larger Tires, This Clutch Will Not Let You Down!

http://www.tribco.com/          Metereal we use.                                                                                                 

Note!!!  The Flywheel needs to be put on a flywheel grinder so it will be ultra flat and smooth so it will not mar the surface of the clutch disc.

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