1100cc Fuel Controller 11 to 13 H/P to the rear wheels!


This is the most power for your buck.The stock H/P is 49.04 to the rear wheels.With this controller you gain 11.90 H/P to the rear wheels.It takes 1/2 hour to install just plug in injectors and ground the black wire stick the modular to the consul.It is set up for optimum torque and H/P! Third gear feels like second gear.You will feel the power in the seat of your pants.If you install new intake or any other performance parts you can adjust the controller. Allows you to adjust Fuel delivery throughout the rpm range individual (comes calibrated for a stock motor bolt on 11-13 H/P to the rear wheels!Helps bottom end lack of power felt with bigger tires or hill climbing not 1 complaint about these units they do what they're advertised to do and for the price you cant beat it!

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